ZEMA LOUNGE & BAR //ዜማ ላውንጂ እና ባር

Zema Lounge and Sports Bar is Entertainment place, bringing Ethiopian & Eritrean Canadians together in Toronto.

ዘወትር፥ አርብ፣ ቅዳሜ እና እሁድ በመድረክ ሙዚቃ፤ ሰኞ እና ሓሙስ ዲጄ ያዮ፤   
Friday, Saturday & Sunday  Live Music.  
Monday & Thursday with DJ YAYO!
ዜማ ላውንጂ ስፖርት ባር ቶሮንቶ

Zema Lounge is Best Choice for Organizing Events:-

  • Getting Together & Entertainment

  • Birthday Party

  • Family Reunion and other event